Food Safety Glossary of Terms

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There are currently 12 terms in this directory beginning with the letter M.
Management System
A set of interrelated or interacting elements of an organization to establish policies and objectives and processes to achieve those objectives. The system elements include the organization's structure, roles, and responsibilities, planning and operation.

Mandatory Elements
A mandatory requirement of a Food Safety Management Standard/Scheme that must be established by an organization in order to receive certification.

A company that produces a product from raw materials and/or components and packs the product into retail units or supplies products in bulk.

Maximum Limit for Pesticide Residues (MRL)
The maximum concentration of a pesticide residue (expressed as mg/kg), recommended by the Codex Alimentarius Commission to be legally permitted in or on food commodities and animal feeds. MRLs are based on GAP data and foods derived from commodities that comply with the respective MRLs are intended to be toxicologically acceptable.

Maximum Residue Limits (MRLs)
Generally, set by local regulation or CODEX Alimentarius Commission, and applies to maximum allowable trace levels of agricultural and veterinary chemicals in agricultural produce, particularly produce entering the food chain.

Indicates a requirement or text which provides guidance but is not mandatory for compliance with the Food Safety Management Standard/Scheme.

The process to determine a value.

1. The act of conducting a planned sequence of observations or measurements of control parameters to assess whether a CCP is under control.

2. Determining the status of a system, a process or an activity. To determine the status, there may be a need to check, supervise or critically observe.

In the context of food safety, monitoring is conducting a planned sequence of observations or measurements to assess whether a process is operating as intended, monitoring is applied during an activity and provides information for action within a specified time frame.

MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)
The material safety data sheet provides relevant information to users to enable them to take the necessary food safety measures and/or the protection of health, safety, and the environment at the place of work.

Multi-site Certification
Multi-site certification involves the designation and certification of a central site (into which a network of certified sub-sites all feed into. The central site and all sub-sites are normally all located in one country and operate under the same food safety legislation.

Multi-site Programme
A multi-site programme is comprised of a central certified site under which activities are planned to manage and control the food safety management systems of a network of subsites under a legal or contractual link.

Multi-site Sampling Program
As defined by the Global Food Safety Initiative Requirements Document, a program of sub-site audits defined by the certification program owner but will be determined by the certification body based upon specified criteria.




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