Food Safety Glossary of Terms

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There are currently 5 terms in this directory beginning with the letter L.
In compliance with the national federal, state and local regulations applicable in the place of production and in the countries where the product(s) is/are intended to be sold.

Licensed Certification Body (LCB)
An entity that has entered into a license agreement with the Food Safety Management Standard/Scheme authorizing it to manage the auditing and certification of the site’s food safety management system.

A defined quantity of a product produced and/or processed and/or packaged essentially under the same conditions may be described by other terms, e.g. batch.

Low Risk Food
Food containing high acid that is not known to support the growth of pathogens; food that is subject to a full cook prior to consumption.

Low-Risk Area
An area where the processing or handling of foods presents the minimum risk of product contamination or growth of micro-organisms, or where the subsequent processing or preparation of the product will ensure product.




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