Food Safety Glossary of Terms

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The extent to which planned activities are realized and planned results achieved.

Enclosed product area
An area of the factory where all products are fully enclosed and therefore not vulnerable to environmental contamination.

End Consumer
The ultimate consumer of a foodstuff, who will not use the food as part of any food business operation or activity.

End Product
A product that will undergo no further processing or transformation by the organization. A product that undergoes further processing or transformation by another organization is an end product in the context of the first organization and a raw material or an ingredient in the context of the second organization.

Environmental Monitoring Program (EMP)
A program that includes pathogen or indicator swabbing as appropriate to detect risk in the sanitary conditions in the processing environment. Verification of the effectiveness of the pathogen controls that a facility has in place for high-risk foods.

A term applied to elements of the Food Safety Management Standard/Scheme that the site does not wish to be included in the certification audit, and has submitted a written request to the certification body to exclude, prior to commencement of any scheduled audit activity.
Normally, mandatory clauses cannot be exempted. The certification body will confirm the reasons for exemption as part of the site audit. The term also applies to products, processes or areas of the site that the site wishes to exclude from the audit.

Exposure Assessment
The qualitative and/or quantitative evaluation of the likely intake of biological, chemical, and physical agents via food as well as exposures from other sources if relevant.




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