Food Safety Glossary of Terms

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There are currently 6 terms in this directory beginning with the letter D.
Desk Audit
A review of a site’s documentation by a licensed certification body, forming part of and being the initial stage of the certification audit to ensure the food safety management system documentation substantially meets the requirements of the Food Safety Management Standard/Scheme.

1. Failure to meet a critical limit.

2. Non-compliance with a requirement but there is no impact on food safety related to products and processes.

Dispatch / Despatch
The point at which the product leaves the factory site or is no longer the responsibility of the company.

The transportation of goods within any container (goods on the move) by road, rail, air or ship.

Documented Information
Information required to be controlled and maintained by an organization and the medium on which it is contained. Documented information can be in any format and media, and from any source. Documented information can refer to the management system, information created in order for the organization to operate (documentation) or evidence of results achieved (records).

Dose Response Assessment
The determination of the relationship between the magnitude of exposure (dose) to a chemical, biological or physical agent and the severity and/or frequency of associated adverse health effects (response).




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