BRC Storage & Distribution Quality Management System

This is an ideal package for Storage and Distribution companies looking to meet International Product Safety and Quality Standards. This package meets the requirements of the British Retail Consortium Global Standard for Storage and Distribution (Issue 4).

As well as being updated in 2021 this BRC Product Safety and Quality Management System Package includes an Implementation Workbook and User Start Up Guide.

This BRC Product Safety and Quality Management System Implementation Package Issue 4 includes comprehensive document templates which cover these core elements and are aligned with the clauses of the Standard for ease of implementation.



Issue 4 has put an emphasis on encouraging sites to put systems in place to develop a product safety culture, the requirement for a confidential reporting system, requirements for documented inspections, requirement for a procedure to handle exceptions to the subcontractor approval process and the control of subcontracted distribution. There are new sections for product fraud risk management, the management of allergens and a new section 9 for sites handling open food products.

Read More About the BRC Global Standard for Storage and Distribution.

Comprehensive Procedures Manual

A comprehensive set of editable top level documents that cover all the requirements of the BRC standard and form the basis of your product safety & quality management system. The system is delivered in sections that match the BRC standard for ease of implementation:

  • 1 Senior Management Commitment
  • 2 Hazard and Risk Analysis
  • 3 Product Safety and Quality Management System
  • 4 Site and Building Standards
  • 5 Vehicle Operating Standards
  • 6 Facility Management
  • 7 Good Operating Practices
  • 8 Personnel
  • 9 Handling of Open Food Products

There are also documents covering the Additional Voluntary Modules:

  • 10 Wholesale Module
  • 11 Cross-docking Module – New in Issue 4
  • 12 E-commerce Module – New in Issue 4

Contracted services modules:

  • 13 Contractual arrangements (all services)
  • 14 Product inspection
  • 15 Contract packing (repacking, assembly packing)
  • 16 Quantity control inspection
  • 17 Contract chilling/freezing/ tempering/defrosting and high- pressure process operations
  • 18 Contract cleaning of baskets, roll cages and other distribution containers
  • 19 Waste recovery and recycling

Also included in the Package:

  • A range of Sample Product Safety, Quality, Verification and Validation Record Templates
  • Supplementary HACCP Documents & Tools including the HACCP Calculator and Instructions
  • HACCP, Internal Auditor and Introduction to the Product Safety & Quality Management System Training Presentations
  • Start Up Guide
  • BRC PQSMS Implementation Workbook
  • Free online support via e-mail

Download Free Samples

Implementation Workbook and Start-Up Guide

We have written this workbook and start-up guide specifically to assist our customers in the implementation of our BRC Quality Management System.

To see more details of the contents of this digital package you can download the brochure and samples of the implementation workbook and start-up guide. Click the images below to download.

BRC Storage & Distribution Product Safety & Quality Management System
BRC Storage & Distribution Product Safety & Quality Management System Implementation Workbook
BRC Storage & Distribution Product Safety & Quality Management System Start Up Guide






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