BRC Food Safety and Quality Management System

Issue 7 Compliant System Out Now!


This is an ideal package for Food Manufacturers looking to meet British Retail Consortium Global Standard for Food Safety 2015 (Issue 7) for Food Safety Quality Management Systems.

As well as being updated in 2015 this BRC Implementation Package includes additional management tools. New in this product launch:

  • Unannounced Audit Guidance
  • Allergen Management Module & Risk Assessment Tool
  • Supplier Risk Assessment Tool
  • Product Development Module
  • BRC Risk Assessment Tool
  • Complaint Management Guidelines & Analyser
  • Hygiene Inspection Training
  • Verification Schedule Risk Assessment Tool and Template

The package has been written in compliance with the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 7 which was published on 7th January 2015 and will be effective from July.

The new Standard continues to require core elements which are covered extensively in this package:

  • Senior Management Commitment.
  • A HACCP Plan.
  • A Quality Management System.
  • Prerequisite Programmes.

This BRC Food Safety & Quality Management System Implementation Package 2015 includes comprehensive document templates which cover these core elements and are aligned with the clauses of the Standard for ease of implementation.

Issue 7 has put an emphasis on encouraging sites to put systems in place to reduce their exposure to fraud and encouraging greater transparency and traceability in the food chain.

This has been reflected in the additions to the fundamental requirements. These requirements are crucial to the operation of an effective food safety management system and failure to comply with the statement of intent of a fundamental requirement leads to non-certification. Additional fundamental requirements in Issue 7 are clause 3.5.1 Management of suppliers of raw materials and packaging and clause 6.2 Labelling and pack control.

Other key changes include:

  • Clause 1.1.3 Management Review: Review of the management of the systems for HACCP, food defence and authenticity.
  • Clause 1.1.6 The site is kept informed of and reviews new risks to authenticity of raw materials.
  • Clause 3.5.1 Management of Suppliers of Raw Materials and Packaging: Requirement for an effective supplier approval and monitoring system to ensure that any potential risks from raw materials to the safety authenticity, legality and quality of the final product are understood and managed.
  • Clause Requirements for traceability of raw materials purchased from agents and brokers to ensure that where a site has purchased a raw materials from an agent or broker, the site has sufficient information to ensure traceability and to enable approval of the plast processor of the raw material, the last point of packing or the consolidation place for bulk commodity.
  • Clause 4.13 Management of surplus food and products for animal feed – New clause.
  • Clause 5.2 Product labelling - New clause specific to the control of product labels.
  • Clause 5.4 Product authenticity, claims and chain of custody - New clause requiring systems to be in place to minimise the risk of purchasing fraudulent or adulterated food raw materials including the requirements for a raw material vulnerability assessment.
  • Verification Schedule Risk Assessment Tool and Template

You cannot buy a system as comprehensive as this anywhere else on the internet so ensure your Food Safety Quality Management System meets British Retail Consortium Food Standard 2015 (Issue 7) with our easy to use BRC Food Safety Quality Management System.

Take a look at the details of this digital package:

  • BRC WorkbookBRC FSQMS Implementation Workbook - A comprehensive 200 page guide to implementing our BRC food safety quality management system template.
  • Food Safety Management System Procedures – A comprehensive set of over 70 top level documents that cover all the requirements of the BRC standard and form the basis of your food safety quality management system.
    • The system is delivered in sections that match the BRC standard for ease of implementation:
    • 1 - Senior Management Commitment and Continual Improvement
    • 2 - The Food Safety Plan – HACCP
    • 3 - Food Safety and Quality Management System
    • 4 - Site Standards
    • 5 - Product Control
    • 6 - Process Control
    • 7 - Personnel
  • Food Safety Management System Records – A comprehensive range of over 50 easy to use record templates.
  • New Improved HACCP Manual containing the HACCP Calculator – Completely simplifies the task of hazard analysis. This logical system helps you take a structured approach to determining prerequisite controls and Critical Control Points.
  • HACCP Training – An interactive and illustrated HACCP training presentation to train your food safety team in the preliminary steps to a Hazard analysis, the principles of HACCP and how to utilise the HACCP calculator in implementing your HACCP system.
  • New HACCP Training Software – A 1 hour multiple choice exam in HACCP to evaluate the effectiveness of your training. The exam includes an automatic scoring system and the generation of graphic certificates to print out.
  • BRC Standard for Food Safety Training Module – A comprehensive illustrated and interactive training module of over 100 slides covering all the clauses of the standard.
  • BRC Global Standard for Food Safety Gap Analysis Checklist covering each section of the standard - Invaluable if you are looking to achieve certification.
  • Laboratory Quality Manual – including template records, procedures and product sampling plans.
  • Documents provided in Microsoft Word 2007 - This is so you can adapt the system to your own specific needs.
  • Free online support via e-mail - Throughout the complete certification process.

Download our free samples:

BRC Food Safety and Quality Management System Package Product Brochure

BRC Implementation Workbook Sample

QM 3.1 Food Safety and Quality Management System Sample

BRC Food Safety Gap Analysis Checklist Section 4 Site Standards Sample

QM 4.14 Pest Control

QM 1.1 Senior Management Commitment

Laboratory Quality Manual

QMR 018 Complaint Investigation Form

BRC Standard for Food Safety Training Module Sample

LABR 007 Factory Sample Plan

HACCP Validation Sample Form

QM 2 HACCP System


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